Timber worktops are always a popular choice, are extremely flexible in terms of curves and shaping, and are available in many thicknesses, usually from 27mm up to 80mm.

With so many natural finishes to choose from, such as oak, ash, walnut, beech & maple, there’s something for everyone.

The main disadvantage of using timber for your work surface is the ongoing care and maintenance it needs to stay looking great, such as the regular sanding and oiling, and wiping up of spillages promptly. Due to their softer surface, they can also scratch and stain. Yet, with a little love and care, your timber tops will retain their natural warmth & character, which will develop with age, to provide a wonderfully unique and sustainable surface.

A very popular concept, is the subtle use of timber in the design of your kitchen living space, such as a timber breakfast bar, island, or shelving. Also, popular where timber worktops are preferred, is the substitution of the timber around the sink for a piece of quartz, Dekton or granite for added durability around water. However you choose to use timber in your kitchen, its natural warmth and beauty really can complement any chosen scheme.

Timber Image