Slate is a metamorphic rock derived from fine-grained sediments such as mud, or occasionally, volcanic ash laid down millions of years ago

Slate is a durable, non-porous material, so that it is resilient to staining, heat and scratches, and is less likely to harbour bacteria, making it a great choice for work surfaces. As a natural material, mined in many countries of the world, including here in Wales, slate occurs in a variety of colours, even from the same quarry, from greys and greens to purples and reds. Each slab is unique, with subtle colour changes throughout, although it has a more uniform colouring than granite or marble.

One downside to slate is that it can be sharp and brittle, which can be overcome by the rounding of sharp edges. The variety of colours and patterns of slate is also less than other types of material, such as quartz, marble and granite. Even so, slate remains a very durable work surface, which validates its continued and extensive use in kitchens.

Slate Image