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October 2018

*IMPORTANT* Please Read Carefully

By continuing with your purchase you accept these terms and conditions of purchase.

Terms and conditions

We’ve tried to keep our Terms and Conditions as clear as possible, and give you all the information we can (but not too much) about your online transactions so that you completely understand the whole process, from order to delivery and beyond. It’s really important to us that your online shopping experience meets expectations, so please spend a few minutes and read on. You’ll need to accept our T’s & C’s every time you make a purchase – they might change from time to time, so do check the date at the top of the page.

Please note that different terms (including prices, charges for services, availability, delivery times and returns policies) apply to fitted kitchen purchases.

Our contract after you have ordered

Firstly, don’t panic if you make any mistakes during your order, you can correct any input errors right up until you confirm payment. Once you’re happy everything is correct and you’ve submitted an order you’ll be given an Order Reference Number and details of the products (and/or services) you have ordered. You’ll then receive an email headed ‘Order Acknowledgement’ recognising receipt of your order. We will then send a further email headed ‘Order Confirmation’. This second email also lets you know how your products will be delivered to you. If we have to cancel all or part of your order for any reason, we will email you to let you know.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure all details, descriptions and prices of products and services are correct at the time the information was entered onto the system. Sometimes we have to hold our hands up and admit we have made a mistake by unintentionally publishing inaccurate information on the site (e.g. the price, description or availability of a product you have ordered). In this instance we may have to cancel your order at any time, even if you have received your Order Confirmation email, and you will receive a full refund of any charges already paid.

Prices and payments

As you would expect all our prices are in UK pounds. The total cost of your order will be the price of the products you order, the delivery charge (if any), plus any additional services you choose e.g. premium delivery or installation. You’ll see all these in your Shopping Basket before you submit an order. Payment is deducted once an order is submitted.

When deciding whether to accept your order we may use certain information about you, including any received from our accredited identity verification partner. For example, we may pass on your details for them to check against certain public and private databases. This will help to protect you and us from fraudulent activities.

If we identify a transaction as being potentially fraudulent we may ask our courier to return the goods to our warehouse, we may cancel your order even though you will have received the Order Confirmation email.

Check for clear access to your property and know where your new appliance is going to be positioned

You’ll need to check that there is clear access to your property, checking that the road is accessible for a small lorry or van, and there is space to park. Also check that the route we’ll need to take to deliver your appliance is clear and accessible, taking in to account any doorways, narrow stairways, tight turns and obstacles.

There will need to be someone 18 or over at home who can sign for your delivery and installation.

Check the dimensions of the space your new appliance will go and whether it will fit

You will need to measure the space where you would like your new appliance to go, and the route through your home that we’ll need to take to deliver it, so that you know what size is suitable. Each of our products have the measurements listed to help you find the right one for you.

Our installers are unable to make adjustments to cupboards or other furniture. Adjustments like this should be completed before they arrive.

Check that the connections in your home for the new appliance are accessible, safe & suitable

All connections should be accessible for our expert installers and not behind a cupboard or out of reach.

Oven prices that include installation only apply to new replacement appliances, i.e. that are a like for like swap, e.g. new single oven replacing an existing single oven, or double oven replacing an existing double oven.  Any changes in appliance types, such as replacing a single oven for a double oven, may require changes to your electrical supply, or changes to the kitchen unit housing for your new appliance.  Such alterations are NOT included in our installation pricing.  IN SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO INSTALL YOUR NEW APPLIANCE.  You will need to employ a qualified person to undertake any electrical supply alterations, and install a suitable appliance housing unit, before we are able to install your item.  You should check that you have the correct unit housing & electrical supply for the new appliance before ordering from us.  The electrical supply must also be located within 1 metre of the new appliance. 

Washing machines and washer dryers need to be connected to a cold-water feed and waste connection within 1.5 metres of the appliance. We will not be able to alter or adjust existing pipework or water connections, so you’ll need to contact a plumber to make any alterations or adjustments prior to installation.

An existing electrical socket should also be within 1.5 metres. All connections should be accessible for our crews and not behind a cupboard or out of reach. If the connections are in a cupboard then any items in front of them, such as crockery, should be clear before our team arrives.

Our Washing machines and washer dryers are all manufactured with a plug so that they can be plugged into a standard socket, however your current appliance may be hard wired. This is when the electrical cable is wired directly into the electrical connection. If this is the case, please arrange to have this already disconnected, and replaced with a standard socket by a qualified person, prior to the delivery and installation of your new appliance.

If you’re having a smart appliance installed then make sure you’ve got your WiFi network name and password to hand. You’ll also need access to the tablet or mobile device that you would like us to install and set-up any relevant apps to control your new smart appliance.

Delivery and Installation

We will contact you within a few days following the acceptance of your order and cleared payment by telephone to arrange a convenient delivery/delivery and installation date and time slot. Delivery will usually be within 7-14 days, any changes to which, we will endeavour to keep you informed of as soon as practically possible.

With selected items, if we’re out of stock but know more is on the way, you may be able to order in advance.

Please note: if your order contains more than one item, availability and delivery of each may vary. In this case, you may receive your purchases separately, and at different times.

Delivery and installation of all items is only available to addresses in the Swansea geographical region, where orders may be declined or accepted on the basis of your address information.

We’ll install your new appliance at the same time as delivery. Installation can only be made where the necessary safe, accessible, and suitable connections are already in place for the new appliance, including any electrical and plumbing works.  We will unbox the new appliance and check for damage, and disconnect an existing appliance.  Where applicable, we will remove transit bolts, connect the appliance to a suitable cold mains water supply within 1.5 metres of the appliance, and connect to an existing electrical socket. We will connect any waste hose to a suitable spigot, down pipe or existing extended waste connection, level the appliance, test to make sure there are no leaks and check that it’s fully working and operational.


Very occasionally, certain circumstances may dictate that we will be unable to deliver or install a product, as it will be unsafe for our trained engineers to do so.

In this extremely unlikely event:

  • We will make clear the reason
  • We will advise of any remedial work required
  • We will reschedule the visit if appropriate

Returns/cancellations and after sales policy

If for whatever reason you change your mind and would like to return your order after delivery, we’re happy to refund or exchange your purchase as long as it’s unopened and in its original packaging, and has not been installed. You must inform us that you wish to cancel the order BEFORE the item is un-boxed by our installer at the time of delivery.  A delivery charge of £35 will be made if the order is cancelled after such time as delivery has been attempted/made.

Faulty goods

We will arrange either a repair, exchange or refund if the fault occurs within 30 days of purchase (or delivery or installation) via the manufacturer/their agent*. If the fault with your product occurs within its guarantee period (normally 12 months from delivery) we will refer you directly to the manufacturer.  Please be aware that you will usually need to register your new appliance in order to claim against manufacturer warranties. In all cases we reserve the right to inspect the product and verify the fault.

For a refund or exchange, the product must be in otherwise ”as new” condition, complete with any accessories and free gifts offered and if possible, with the original box and packaging.

We do not cover faults caused by accident, neglect, misuse or normal wear and tear.

Items sold on this website are generally intended for normal domestic and consumer use and not for resale or commercial use.

*Often repairs will be carried out by the manufacturers’ own repair agents with whom we have arrangements in place to ensure your product is repaired by skilled and qualified engineers.

For all returns and after sales service, please email us at info@gowercoastkitchens.co.uk and we will assist you.


This website

We, our Group of companies and our suppliers own the copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in all material and content on this website, which you may use, download, copy, publish, transmit or otherwise make available by any other means only for your own personal, non-commercial use. Any other use or reproduction of the material or content is strictly prohibited.

You may not create any link to this website without our prior written consent, nor may you restrict or inhibit the use or enjoyment of it by anyone else.


These terms and conditions, and all transactions relating to this website and all non-contractual obligations arising from any transaction carried out on this website are governed by English law and are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. We do not accept amendments to these terms and conditions.

Your data protection rights are set out in our Privacy Policy.

Additional terms and conditions may apply for prize competitions and our added value services and offers. If so, you will be alerted to them at the relevant juncture.

These terms and conditions only cover the Gower Coast Kitchens website. Any other websites to which you link from this site are governed by their own terms and conditions. We accept no responsibility or liability for the content or operation of websites which are not under our control. We are required by law to tell you that sales can be concluded in English only and that no public filing requirements apply. We acknowledge we have a legal duty to supply goods that are in conformity with a contract.

Under EU Regulations we are required to provide consumers with an electronic link to the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform. You can submit a complaint via the Online Dispute Resolution platform, which can be found at http://ec.europa.eu

By continuing with your purchase you accept these terms and conditions of purchase.

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